Angle heads

Our idea of quality is in every our head.

Alberti angle heads meet the highest demands for reliability with unrivalled performance.

The angle heads are often the focal point of a company’s production potential, and Alberti products have always largely met expectations with an average working time higher than competitors in the same market segment. .
Alberti angle heads are the most suitable equipment to complete the machining of even complex workpieces, thus avoiding additional set up.

Thanks to a simple installation, which we can also tailor to the customer’s needs, our angle heads can be fittied on each machine either with automatic tool change or manually mounted to optimize the spindle capacity.

Alberti has installed more than 60,000 products worldwide and carries over 200 special projects to solve specific customer requirements every year.
All Alberti angle heads are carefully designed and manufactured in our plant in Saronno (Italy).

What does an angle head look like?

The special feature of Alberti angle heads is the input spindle: it is one piece built-in with the main shaft, so as to ensure greater stability and tightness during machining.

Core of the product is the gear set: Alberti has always dedicated special attention to the choice of materials, the selection of the most suitable heat treatments, the grinding of the involute, and the super finishing operation.

Alberti angle heads are designed to meet the most varied requirements.

The different models can offer, depending on the line:

  • Fixed angle 90°
  • Swivelling angles +/- 95°
  • High-pressure internal coolant of up to 100 bar
  • Smart Change System
  • Possibility of extending the body with specially designed modules.
Testa Angolare

Find the right product for you.

Angle heads are machine tool accessories mainly used on machining centres such as vertical and horizontal milling machines or workstations and robots.

They can be exchanged automatically by the tool changer or installed manually by means of a flange.

Select the perfect product for you. You can start from:

  • the type of machining you need,
  • the type of con you have available input spindle
  • the tool type and size.




Alberti angle heads are divided into different lines: